hustle and grind

let’s take a second to be a little less emotional. i feel like i should update you all on my life.

let’s get you reacquainted with the author of this dot com; moi.

my work life: i’m still hustlin’ and grindin’ as they say. i dropped the personal assistant jobs and i no longer work for university of houston athletic department. i work at a fancy schmancy fitness club in houston. the members love me, co-workers like me (except for maybe one), boss finally digs me (although my personality can be initially intimidating, i grew on her). i also picked up a sweet gig for the houston astros. i’m a ballpark host. how cool? i buried the lede on this one, but i feel too blessed to brag about it. additionally, i’m walking dogs and sitting on children when i’m called upon. un-taxable dollars are a broke broad’s best friend. still no full-time job for me, but i shall keep hustlin’ and grindin’. 

my financial life: despite devoting all my time to working, i am still broke. but isn’t that how it’s supposed to be when you’re 24 years of age? that’s not to say i’m complacent. if you know me at all, you know “complacent” is not part of my personal lexicon. but i pay my bills, feed my dog and take care of myself like an independent woman so that counts for something. i will say that winning a small lottery of a cool ten grand would help me out tremendously. until i purchase a winning ticket, i shall keep hustlin’ and gridin’.

my love life: my what? i wouldn’t call it love, but i go on dates. i like meeting new people and exploring who they were before they met me. nobody really keeps my interest for very long, though. right now, i have much bigger goals than being somebody’s significant other. and after a doozy of a heartbreak, i’m enjoying lovin’ on myself. for real, i’m pretty cute. until a man can keep up with me, i shall keep hustlin’ and grindin’.

my faith life: probably the best it’s ever been. i have never felt closer to God. i don’t understand why he’s putting me through the things i’ve been through recently. it’s been one hit after the next, but i feel like He’s preparing me for something much greater (see “it’s an honor”). until then, i’ll keep hustlin’ and grindin’.

it’s pretty much business as usual, folks.

i’ll keep writing if you keep reading.

much love,



my friends moved here from utah and i’m so excited that they are going to build a life here. i took them out on the water and it was full of laughs, sunburns and paddling in circles.


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