i have an insatiable thirst for life. 

i don’t want to miss a single thing. i want to soak it all up. i want to take it all in.

i want to fully experience the good times, the blessings and the positively infectious people that i encounter.

i want to completely embrace the bad times, the hardships and the people who are simply in my life to serve as a tough lesson.

there is so much life to be lived, and although most people know this, they do nothing about it. they just sit and decide to change nothing and it drives me mad. i will never be that person.

in fact, in my entire life, i’ve only met three people just like me; one’s in new york city living her dreams, one is in palm desert creating the life that she wants and one is my mother.

i have that thirst for life. it’s nearly unquenchable. and let me tell you, it’s just the best way to live this life.


i’d like to think that my own thirst (and tons of hard work and a huge blessing from above) got me this job. look at my dumb face in front of 40,000 people. i love it!

IMG_8684 (1)

say it to my face, dude. (enter your comment below, i love all forms of feedback)

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