there’s bigger coffee pods in the cabinet for you. there’s the beer i don’t drink on the cold shelf, too.

there’s a comforter that fits so we both get smothered when we lay so very close to each other.

even though it may be as cliche as it seems, there’s a drawer full of all your favorite things.

there’s a receipt that i kept from that time we broke up. who’d have known it’s because we’re both new to love.

there’s the balcony chair where you sat me down. you said with such strength, “we’ll figure this out.”

in my moments with God, there’s an extra minute. i pray for His plans and to wrap you up in it.

there’s the high’s and the low’s that i know will be due and if i share them with someone, i’m hoping it’s you.

say it to my face, dude. (enter your comment below, i love all forms of feedback)

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