i was to you

i was merely a consideration

how sad;

they way i dressed up for you, parted my hair just right and asked my mom how i looked.

i was a momentary high for you.

how unsettling;

the way i spent time asking God to show me the answer. after all, His timing is perfect.

i was easy to let go of, worst of all

how disturbing;

the way i held on for too long.

i was to you, far less than the other way around.


the things i remember most about this night;

the martini, the ceviche and the way you made me feel



2 thoughts on “i was to you

  1. Hey, I just would like to say, that someday, you’d find the love, that oh you deserve! No matter the experiences that lie in your past, you’d stumble upon someone, who oh would love you in ways, no one could ever. You’re quite special. I’m sure, the best is still yet to come! Look after yourself. 🙂

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