i waxed a floor today

i never thought i’d ever begin a conversation by saying this but, yeah, i waxed a floor today.

but there’s a lot happening in my life that i never thought i’d be doing;

i’m selling software.

i’m crushing on new people.

i’m finding my real friends.

and yes, i’m spending my free time waxing floors and painting walls.

let me explain all of these things that i never thought i’d be doing.

the whole “i’m selling software” thing; it’s true, that’s my full time job right now. last time i really spoke about my work-life, it was a pile of garbage. i was running around like a crazy person working three part-time jobs that still didn’t pay the bills. but now i’m semi-versed in the complexities of a metadata management software that can help companies make big-dollar decisions. it’s a stable job, it’ll do for now.

the whole “i’m falling for new people” thing; this is just too cool to me. i thought i’d never get over my little broken heart. you guys must know, or at least get the idea, that a lot of my posts have been fueled by my way of coping with challenging feelings. for the most part, it was all from the same person, but now, i can happily announce that i’ve had my heart broken by someone new and there will be fresh, newly-directed posts to come. just kidding… maybe. but the truth is, it’s a terribly good feeling to know that i was able to move on and begin caring strongly about somebody new. i’m human! glad to finally find this out!

the whole “i’m finding real friends” thing; i’ve really come to realize who’s there for me (see last post). even in the middle of a world crisis, i have some women and even a guy (shout-out male co-worker) who truly do care. and although they may not be with me every day, and in most cases, in different states, i could trust them with my life.

the whole “i’m spending my free time waxing floors and painting walls” thing; yep, a world pandemic has really got me on my hands and knees in a few different ways…. on my hands and knees begging for this all to end and on my hands and knees using a chemical stripper to re-wax the floor of my parents business. i mean, what else is there to do? can’t go sniff candles at tj maxx. can’t go buy another crop top at forever 21. can’t go to my gym to blow off steam. so for now, catch me making the best of my time with a scrub-brush in one hand and a buffer in the other.

never say never. it’ll prove you wrong.

i never thought i’d be a sales rep

i never thought i’d get over him

i never thought i’d find a real group of solid people

i never thought i’d enjoy the fresh smell of paint and sweating it out over a buffer pad.

never say never.

(but let me try this just in case, i’ll never win the lottery)

 hey look, it’s me and my buffer pad!


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