hi, it’s me

hi guys,

if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you rock. this is the place where i really get into my feels. i really let my little heart bleed out a bit here. i never really allow myself to do this anywhere else. this is not due to embarrassment or inability to express, i just leave the raw emotion to a smaller, more intimate audience.

on my social media, i have over a thousand people watching my silly behavior and my humorous style and i love the fact that i bring a lot of joy to people by doing so. however, i will say this; not having a list of people who have “viewed” my blog posts is kind of refreshing. this isn’t all fun and games here. i’m a real person with real feelings and sometimes it feels good to feel these things. i also think it’s important for other people who think i’ve got it all together to understand that i struggle too. i hurt. i cry. i relapse. i lose.

i stepped away from my writing for a while but i’m back. truly, i hit rock bottom (three times) and although i’m still clawing my way back out tooth and nail, i don’t want to hide what i felt and what i’m feeling during it all. i’m in a new city, with a new job, and a new mindset. i believe that this is when my metamorphosis begins and i want it all in writing. also, it might be funny to read these words when i’m a hot, 40-year old dog mom (maybe even a sexy step-mommy) sitting on a beach somewhere counting my millions.

my goodness, i already love my future-self.

talk soon,



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