forget me not

i hope that i’m never insignificant.

i hope that the day i met you, i blew your mind. or that as you got to know me, you couldn’t imagine your life without me. or somehow i made you laugh on your worst day or inspired you to change something about your life. i hope that i left an impression big enough that if somebody were to ask you years down the road to name a person who influenced you positively, i come into consideration.

i hope that i’m never forgotten.

i hope that if we ever go weeks without speaking or even years without seeing each other, that you do not lose the recollection of who i was to you. i think when most people look back on life in a nostalgic way, it’s often cloudy. don’t let that be me. if you look back and think of me, remember the time for what it really was.

i hope that you miss me forever

if we get to a point where this doesn’t work out in our favor, i hope you miss me forever. i hope you hear songs and you have to skip through it because it’s painful to remember the day we sang it in the car together while playing our air guitars and my solo was much better than yours. i hope that you delete most of the pictures but keep one scrolled away. i hope you have to pause every now and then just to think about me.

i hope that if i can’t stay forever, that i’ll last forever somewhere in your mind.


“i see my marianne walkin’ away”




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