the greatest

lana del rey’s new album is spectacular, but one song in particular came at the perfect time.

it’s titled “the greatest.”

and i pray that you stay
don’t leave, i just need a wake-up call
i’m facing the greatest
the greatest loss of them all
the culture is lit and i had a ball
i guess i’m signing off after all

lana certainly wrote this song about a man, but i interpret it much differently for myself.

the greatest loss that i’m facing is that summer is ending. i’ve said it before, i thrive in the summer months. although i was born in the fall and i love drinking hot coffee on a chilly day, i am the closest to myself when the sun is shining and the air is warm. i am happiest when it is still sunny at seven in the evening. i like driving with my windows down and getting hot and laying by the pool and wearing a bathing suit under everything.

i just have a different energy during the summer.

i do have to remind myself that this is only temporary; seasons change.

of all people, i should know that.


i miss long beach and i miss you babe. i miss dancing with you the most of all.


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