with a farewell

my friend lives in california and she reads my words all the time.

she loves each and every post, but she wanted to know who hurt me so badly. she wanted to know the person behind the pain. she wanted to meet my muse.

i had never told her before.

but then i did. and she said i didn’t deserve any of it. she said that i was such a loving woman who looked far beyond the broken parts of a person and tried to love them back to whole. she said i should write some big goodbye-post because it would do me well and serve them right.

“it’ll feel so good to just declare the end of it all with a farewell.”

i kind of laughed and responded:

“not worth it.”

i’ll be damned if i spend another second writing to a one-man audience about lost “love.”

i’ve never been a fan of fiction anyway.


i have other things to talk about, by the way. next post will be more informative.


say it to my face, dude. (enter your comment below, i love all forms of feedback)

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