you can have it

i give myself, always.

when i want something or someone, i give completely. without question.

i do things with a certain intensity. i study more aggressively. i work harder. i push myself to new limits. i live and breath for what i want.

and it’s devastating when the job, or the person or the thing that i worked so hard to call my own, cannot be called a success. especially when i gave myself to it.

but they can keep everything i gave.

because the work i put in just to fail has prepared me for much greater somethings and someones. these failures stripped away the parts of me that i no longer needed. by doing things with intensity, and studying aggressively and working harder and pushing myself to new limits, i became someone i like more.

to all my failures and shortcomings that took parts of me, i don’t want them back.

you can have it.



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