neon bridge

there’s a bridge with neon lights and i thought i’d never find it.

i’d been around the city a thousand times but couldn’t seem to make the right turn down the right road that would lead me to it. i hadn’t paved the way to be able to feel what it was like to drive my rusty car across this bridge, over the hundreds of highway cars passing under me.

it had a been a quest for me since the day i moved here to do it all on my own. i easily could have looked up the address of the bridge, but it was something i wanted to stumble upon and experience fully.

i’ll admit, the search drove me nuts and i was tempted to succumb to the simplicity of an immediate answer. but any temptation would be cut short by an overbearing feeling of determination and i’d slip my phone back out of view.

after nearly two years of living in the city, i finally found the bridge. i wish i could explain the feeling. i wish i could describe how i got chills all over my body. i wish i could put a number on how many times i’ve thought about that drive. and i certainly wish i could do that night a million times more.

i had a plan to do it all on my own, but you made the bridge so much brighter. 



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