it hasn’t been that long, but i miss you terribly. 

i miss our communications, our secrets, our laughs and the way i always felt safe next to you. i miss the way i could look at you while you were talking to me and feel that you would always be in my life. no matter the circumstance.

oh, but isn’t circumstance a nasty adversary? 

does it frighten you that our paths might be un-crossing for the final time?

does it make you sick to think that the relationship will eventually dissolve into distant memories?

does it make you sad that i know your darkest secrets and you know mine but we are parting ways like world-travelers with them packed in our suitcases?

i don’t know what i did to deserve this and i will never understand it, but i love you. so consequently, i support you. not only do i support you, i implicitly root for you. your health, your prosperity, your happiness, your family, your relationships, your heart; i beg God to bless you in ways that you could have never imagined.

and one final thought as we take on the world without a proper goodbye; if my phone rings in twenty years and your voice is on the other side, i’ll ask where you are and i will be there.

circumstance may have pushed you away, but it won’t keep me away.


say it to my face, dude. (enter your comment below, i love all forms of feedback)

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