dog grooming and goat meat

i’m not sure what happened. i’m not sure where my life-plan went so wrong that this is where i ended up.

i graduated college, finally (for those who have been following my blog since day one, you probably thought i would never finish school. it’s okay, my mom had her doubts too). but i graduated. magna cum laude. with honor cords and ropes draped around my neck as a walked the stage. i had this geeky smile slathered across my face because i knew that my life was about to change.

i thought to myself;

no more stressing about money

no more living paycheck to paycheck

no more wondering when my career would take off

no more classes or homework or studying

silly me. only the last on the list became a reality. i certainly did not have any more assignments to turn in on time, but with the lack of a structured class schedule and zero job offers on the table, i felt like i had no purpose in the world.

in fact, i cried the day i got home from my graduation ceremony. laid in my bed with my dress and heels on and cried. i sulked and sobbed and wondered how all my hard work and hustle turned into nothing-ness. however, the crying didn’t last too long. if you know me, you know that emotions aren’t something i really allow to get in the way.

the weeks leading up to graduation, i applied everywhere that was offering any type of sports journalism job. every state, every city (well, except fargo and sioux falls. sorry dakotas…). out of the 45 applications that i sent off, a total of zero got back to me. there were five spots in particular that i wanted to start my career at. i called those stations and publications twice a day, every day just to try to talk to someone. eventually somebody answered and let me know that they had already “narrowed their search to three candidates” or were “looking for somebody with 4-5 years of experience” (which is odd for an “entry-level position,” but….ok).

i feel like i’m blabbing on and on when i have a simple point to make; i’m not where i planned to be at this age. not even close.  

and it’s unlike me to be okay with anything less than what i planned for, but for now, i have to accept that in order to pay the bills there are certain things i have to do.

i’m currently:

a chauffeur and dog-walker for a very succesful and wealthy family (this family owns a mercedes and a maserati while i’m tooling around in a beat-down bug).

a personal assistant to a very wealthy doctor (really i just groom and pick up her dog’s crap and get goat meat for her at a very bizarre halal meat market).

an alternate camera-gal for my former university’s sports events (i thank God for them still allowing me to work. i love the school and i still want to work in sports any way that i can).

like i said, i’m not sure what happened. i’m not sure where my life-plan went so wrong that this is where i ended up. but i’m going to make the best of it for now. i think one day, i’ll read this again and laugh. 


i love and miss you, friends. i only get to see you on rare occasions and it’s mostly my fault. thank you for always having my back and laughing at my jokes. 


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