my favorite pair of jeans

i used to have this pair of jeans.

i loved these jeans.

they were the the most pleasing shade of denim-blue with purposefully placed holes and destroyed areas. they hugged me perfectly. comfortable at the waist, uplifting from the back, soft and just stretchy enough.

before this pair, i never really liked jeans. i had no taste for them. no interest. my wardrobe was filled with athletic leggings, miniskirts and all sorts of sweatpants.

and it sounds silly, but when i found these jeans, my entire world changed.

i was happy and couldn’t get enough.

but one day

something changed.

i no longer fit into these jeans. i was distraught. i screamed and cussed and blamed myself. “you’re too big now. you need to change yourself. change enough so that these jeans will fit again.”

they never fit me again. even if i squeezed and tried to make room, it wasn’t working.

the truth is, i outgrew them.

and not because of anything i did wrong. in fact, i did everything right. i grew bigger and stronger and they no longer suited me. they had served their purpose.

i realized that no matter how much i loved them, they could not grow with me.



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