closing time

needn’t go home, but you can’t stay here.

“closing time,” right? best that you disappear.

i’m sure you’ll be welcomed somewhere new,

can’t imagine someone won’t gladly have you.

needn’t go home but you can’t stay with me,

over-poured, over-served and you took it for free.

i should have known better, so am i to blame?

you said things are different, but you’re all the same.

needn’t go home but your time here is up.

don’t linger or stall, nothing’s left in the cup.

from the start until now, couldn’t be more clear;

take the little i gave as your new souvenir.

find your way home, but you can’t stick around;

the impact you had fell short of profound.

you can leave after causing all of the pain

you losing me; a real walk of shame.

say it to my face, dude. (enter your comment below, i love all forms of feedback)

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