the moon to a wolf

don’t speak if you’re not saying something.

don’t say you’ll call if you won’t.

please don’t promise a world where an “us” exists,

or say you have my back if you don’t.

saying you care is a twisted mirage,

but it tightens your grip; keeps me near.

and you shout loud enough if i’m walking away

so you’re the only sound that i hear.


don’t speak if you’re not saying something.

without weight, it’s simply just noise.

don’t say you’re a man who’s just losing his mind,

baby, you’re one of the boys.

i used to be sad and it all used to hurt,

i would pray for the sounds from your mouth.

“dear god, let this man say i’m worth it to him,”

but your lips would make meaningless sound.


don’t speak if you’re not saying something.

i suggest you don’t speak at all.

the tone of your voice became untuned strings

and nails on a chalkboard wall.

you can shout, you can scream, you can try anything,

but you are no longer above me.

like the moon to a wolf who’s howling for life,

i look down and know you can’t touch me.




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