feeling like me

let’s take another second to be a little less emotional. i feel like i should do another update on my life

here’s what i’ve been up to in the last few weeks;

my work life: i no longer work at the “fancy schmancy fitness club,” i had to get out of there. true advice for you guys, if you’re comfortable but unhappy, get out. that place truly squashed my personality and hindered my growth so much. so i left. i’m still working for the sports team and am enjoying every opportunity that i get at minute maid park. i also picked up a full-time job as an executive assistant to a business owner. i start in a couple days and i’m looking forward to learning new things, and of course, meeting new people.

my financial life: i am still broke. but right now, money isn’t stressing me out like it normally does. God always provides. in all my life, in all my overdrawn accounts and lack of cash in my pocket, i have never been homeless. God has always given me exactly what i need, at the exact time that i needed it. i’m doing everything i can to find streams of income, but more importantly, i’m trying to manage what i do earn in a more stable way. i’m broke but at least i’m better about it.

my love life: i’ve really switched gears when it comes to my love life. i’m just not looking. i’m really not. hell, i’m barely going on dates. i’m falling in love with myself still. and it’s sounds cliche but how on earth could i expect to be close to somebody else when i was feeling so far away from karli (me). i’ve been exploring my passions and my desires and having “netflix and chills” with myself and i’m loving it. again, God will provide exactly what i need when the time is right. i’m still single (truthfully have been most of my life) but i am so good with it.

my other parts of life: i did another cleanse; really cut out the people who were bringing me down. and people say it all the time, “cut out the toxicity from your life,” and i was nodding my head in agreement (even preaching it to others), but i was still holding on to a few people and a few behaviors that hindered my own prosperity and health. then, i spent the day alone at the beach and it finally just clicked. a few of those people that i cut out of my life read my blog, i know this. so i have to say; i can still love you and simultaneously not allow you to harm me.

i’m feeling more like me these days.

i’ll keep writing if you keep reading.

much love,


“well,” she said, head tilted to the skies, “i seem to have forgotten who i was born to be.” 


One thought on “feeling like me

  1. I love this and it looks like you’re on the right track,
    love and protecting yourself, God and the beautiful life God has given you. ..& your Momma:)

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