a letter to me on feb. 20

life does not care about you. or your strength. or what you’ve already been through or who’s hurt you or that you’re dead broke.

life is always going to remind you that you don’t really control anything and that just because bad things have already happened to you, doesn’t mean that you’re immune to more bad things.

in the same day, within a three hour span to be exact, your check engine light is going to come on, the same man from before is going to give you hope and break your heart all over again, you’ll get a call from the doctor saying they found new cancer cells in your body, you’ll get a speeding ticket and then embarrassingly have to pay for your gas with one dollar bills and quarters that you pulled from your piggy-bank that’s been hidden in your closet for something special. all in the same day.

and life won’t bat a devilish eye at that. life doesn’t care about the hardships you’ve encountered up to this point or for your sob stories or the bruises on your heart or the deals you’ve made with God.

so take your selfish men, your cancer cells, your empty bank, your closed doors, your frustrations and failures,

and fight back.


i know it’s coming. i thrive in the summer months.


2 thoughts on “a letter to me on feb. 20

  1. God has you in the palm of his hands and you’re surrounded by prayer warriors. He knows your spirit is needed here!
    Love you!

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