it’s an honor

this type of journey is a lonely one.

but i think that being called on a lonely journey is an honor.

“perhaps at times, the reason why you’re feeling left out is because God is calling you out further to a place where other people might not be ready to go. and that can be lonely at times.”

i am lonely at times.

it can be painful to lean my head to rest on a shoulder that is not there for me. 

it can be hard to want to love someone deeply but the other side of the bed is void.

it can be frustrating to face a dark night and not have a soul to talk to.

it can hurt to feel lost and reach for a friend but they are not there. 

but not everybody gets to do this. 


it was also an honor to have you in my life, baxter. you brought me so much joy and losing you has been a painful experience. rest in peace to the cutest car of all time. 

(also, i am car-less and broke so please send donations)



One thought on “it’s an honor

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