i wasn’t sure what to expect. naturally, i thought about it for a few days leading up to it.

first dates are always full of anticipation and self-made daydreams. i don’t get nervous about them, though. this guy was either going to like me or not, no extra stress necessary.

he invited me for coffee; a man who likes coffee is something i can get on board with. i picked the place though. i like to be in control. 

outfit: plaid(ish) mini-skirt, black tights, high-heel booties and a black top; keep it simple but what kind of man doesn’t dig a chick in a mini-skirt

hair: slightly messy; drove around with the top down in my buggy all morning.

makeup: face lotion and an added touch of bronzer; i’ve been looking a bit ghostly lately.

perfume: versace bright crystal; it’s my secret weapon.

i like to arrive first. gives me an edge. and i prefer to buy my own coffee, it’s just a thing i do.

i remember his face, but he was sitting at a table the night we met, so i did not realize how tall he was. thought i much preferred shorter guys, so this was a new sense of attraction. he had great style, a confident walk and recognized me right away.  i had my coffee already, but joined him in line. i’m polite (plus my beverage was too hot anyways).

he said hello, leaned in and kissed my cheek. goosebumps. 

the barista was not acting with any sense of urgency to move the line along, so our date started right there. the conversation was easy and if i may sweeten this story by informing you all that he had one of the sexiest accents i’ve heard in a while.

“regular coffee, room for cream”

okay, simple choice. i’m into that. 

we take our seat and i ask the questions and let him do most of the talking. it’s another first-date thing i do. i learned that he is from turkey and came here when he was 17 years old. we attended the same college (at very different times, he is 45 years old. sorry mom). he is the ceo of two companies, just bought a new house in miami, travels to belize every summer, loves basketball and tennis, thinks i’m beautiful and thinks it was impressive that i approached him so fearlessly.

“why don’t you have a boyfriend?” 

“people bore me to death.”

i think my answer made him nervous.

he touched my leg a few times, made excellent eye-contact and responded appropriately to my sarcasm; three of my favorites. 

one o’clock rolled around, i had to get to work. he offered to walk me to my car. we strolled and continued talking; he wanted to see me again. even after he watched me kick my car’s headlight to get it to work.

he leaned in again, but kissed me on the lips this time. oh.

i was not expecting that. he’s off to a good start.


here is a ridiculously posed photo of the outfit i wore to the date. cute, right?


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