i wasn’t going to dwell on my broken heart for too long. it happened. it’s over. 

i went out and had dinner with my mother the night it ended. she’s a perfect lady. although she disagreed with the relationship and some of the choices i made, she was right there to lift me up.

there’s a restaurant that i quite fancy. eight minutes from my apartment. crawling with some of the most successful people in the city. and in my opinion, it also boasts some of the sexiest men.

back to my mother (and in connection with the introduction of the restaurant), she knew exactly where to take me.

he was at my apartment twenty minutes prior to this, by the way. and i watched him walked out of my life. forever. i should have been curled up in a ball, using an app to deliver me ice cream and pizza and text all my… two… friends about how much it hurt to be “dumped.” but i just decided to get up, look hot and have a good time with my mum.

i put on my thigh-high boots, hip-hugging jeans and, fancy this, even did my hair (can’t say i extended the efforts towards doing my makeup, but the hair was a start). as i walked out of my apartment door, i decided to take the initial feeling of sadness and transform it into fuel.

so there we were, sitting at the restaurant, drinking champagne and ordering hors d’oeuvres that we didn’t really understand but they sounded lavish. we were laughing and talking about the strangest things and i was pointing out men that i thought were attractive. she mostly responded negatively saying they were “too old for me.” but i’m into that.

after dinner, my mom and i strutted out of the place like we were houston’s baddest females on our way to some high-class function (but really, we had yogurtland in our google maps. it was time for some fro-yo, bitches).

as we walked out, passing all the tables full of business people and couples and girls during “gals night out,” something electrifying happened.

a man made intense eye contact with me. and i gave it right back. then i looked where i was walking, extended my hand to push open the door to leave, and looked back. he was still locked in.

outside the restaurant now, standing at the valet area:

“mom, that man was so handsome.”

“what man, karli?”

“hold on, mom.” 

i pivoted gracefully in my heeled-boots, re-entered the establishment and approached the man’s table:

“hi. i wanted to come back in and let you know that i think you are very attractive.”

“thank you, i couldn’t help but look at you, i apologize for staring.”

“are you single?”

“i am.”

“would you want to get a drink with me next week?”


and the electricity does not solely lie in the fact that i caught this man’s interest or that he responded to my bold behavior or that when he touched my hand, my heart jolted a little bit, the electrifying feeling that i am talking about is that i remembered exactly who i am. 


i hate to make you wait, but i’ll tell you all about our first date in my next post. this was my outfit that night. here in h-town, it’s not often that i get to use my big girl boots.


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