the title of this post is a pun for melanoma. the pun is my attempt at making light of a situation that isn’t at all light. the light was ultraviolet that i sat under four times a week in a tanning bed. and the bed in my room is where i’m typing this post from.

i will not make my first post in months entirely dedicated to the cancer cells that were found in my body. listen here people, get your weird moles checked and stop tanning in beds. this is serious. i haven’t been able to put on deodorant for three days because i can’t move my arm because the incision is huge and my entire boob is black and blue and it feels like the stitches rip if i breath in too deeply and find me one person on the planet who says, “yeah, tanning in beds is still worth it….”  there are plenty of natural glow moisturizers that will give you a bronze. oh, and there is also this product called “self-confidence’ that makes you love your natural skin tone and take a hard-pass at fake baking.

i’ve missed writing and i’ve missed you folks and i’ve missed the feelings of words traveling from my brain down to my fingertips. and i have so much to tell you all about.

since my last post i’ve held two jobs, had my heart broken by a boy, applied and gained acceptance into my desired university, made amazing friends, diagnosed with skin cancer, worked an amazing internship with an espn talk-show, had my heart crumpled a bit by another boy, gone to a treatment facility for eating disorders and just as quickly left a treatment facility for eating disorders, started to really love my body while maintaining a healthy love for double-stuffed oreos, rekindled a beautiful friendship with a past soul-sister, had my heart pinched by another boy (notice how with each meaningless idiot, the hurt becomes easier to remove), kept my apartment clean and planned am amazing summer vacation with my best friend.

life is inherently good, people. and i’m going to blog about it (serious sarcasm and poor grammar will still remain in place though, so beware). also, i was just charged $26 to keep my website name and since i’m trying to stray away from financial-retardation, i’m going to utilize what i’ve already paid for. stay tuned and stop tanning in beds.

ultraviolet radiation incubators will give you a beautiful, natural-looking glow and a similar, disgusting, horrendous scar just in time for summer!

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

**i will be notified in a week if the cancer has spread so pray/send good vibes, man. 

2 thoughts on “mela-no-mo’

  1. Karli,

    I would never think that anyone would look upon this as a cause or blessing, but I do see God working in you Karli. He never wastes anything that happens and especially something most people would consider bad. By your blogging and your ability to be so real in your word conversation, I believe God will use this scare and your pain to save many others and raise their awareness. I thank God for you! Let your scare be a constant reminder on how he uses all of us in beautiful ways.

    Love you dearly,



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