round two

i don’t have my car. i don’t have my bedding or any pillows. i don’t have a shower curtain or towels. all my cookware is absent at this point and my puppy won’t be here for about a week.

but what i do have is something that outweighs all negatives.

a certain happiness in my heart because i am exactly where i want to be.

yesternight was my first time back in california on my own and even with all my possessions being somewhere on its’ way over here from texas, i was feeling all giddy inside.

my dude-friend picked me up from the airport and he graced me with not only his presence, but also a present; a huge bag of brookside dark chocolate-covered açaí (he remembered one of my favorite fruits, what a rockstar). aside from the sugar-coated jesus bits, the sweet slam of san diego air hit me through the open windows and i got a jones in my bones to feel nothing but happy.

next stop was my brand new crash-pad. aka crib. aka palace. aka hideout. aka where the magic happens. aka apartment. long story short; everything i could ask for (and the same dude-friend who brought me berries lives about 900 steps away from me).

i spent all day watching the patriots game (shoutout to my boys because even though some of the plays were sloppier than my personal finances and/or love-life, they walked off home-field with a win and i hate the ravens so all-in-all, awesome).

later in the evening, another friend in the area picked me up and we caught up and drove around and listened to good music and went and saw his brothers’ puppy and went to a pharmacy to buy some toothpaste because i also didn’t have that.

and i know these are all minor and pointless details to a common blog-reader but to me they are wonderful pieces to a perfect first day and it’s so refreshing to have someone waiting at the airport for your arrival and it’s awesome to have someone who doesn’t even thoroughly enjoy the amazing game of football to stay all day and watch it with you and it’s exciting to have these people that are so genuinely excited to have you back and to cruise around with a friend (who has amazing hair, dude, don’t ever cut it, please, you know who you are) all in the first 12 hours that you exist in a new place.

yesterday was a success. today is full of opportunity. and tomorrow is unknown.

but what i do know is that i am happy to be back.

thank you, california, for embracing my return and making the uncomfortable a little more comfortable.

 you’re not growing unless you’re uncomfortable.

mom, everything about you is beautiful and wonderful and i thank God every day for you. thank you for instilling in me your restless spirit, your ever-searching soul and your willingness to take on adversity with such resilience. my eyes tear up just thinking about your unyielding support as i move around this country. i promise i will make you proud. i aspire to be like you in every single way (except for your ability and willingness to consciously eat bratwurst on ritz crackers, i don’t think i’ll ever do that).


One thought on “round two

  1. Bratwurst and crackers are my thing, coffee, loving my kids to the end of time and beyond and being especially proud of you and all you do. Life is a tremendous gift and those who embrace its full potential will never regret and they get a glimpse of our wonderful God. I love you…always!

    Bethany Lainhart


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