battle scars

i can fight off swarms of mosquitos and bees with a quick sprint in the opposite direction or an agile spray of something in an aerosol can.

i can battle the flu or a cold or some unwanted, lingering cough over a temporary span of immune-defective days.

i can ignore rumors and lies that may slide off the poison tongues of some and into the naive ears of others.

i can destroy lethargy with a swift sip of coffee or a ten-minute lapse of shut-eye or i can choose to not acknowledge my exhaustion altogether.

i can combat hunger for hours upon hours and even endure an entire day without a crumb to nourish me.

i can altercate negative slurs or downcast comments and reverse the outlook of even the toughest of skulls.

i can clash with challenges in the work place whether it’s dissatisfaction from the unhappiest customers or the most stubborn of all bosses.

i can take on my college classes and organize not only my plethora of papers, but also the profusion of scattered thoughts and disordered time slots in which i can complete necessary assignments.

i can contend with the scrutiny of society, the madness of media and the daily obstacles of being a developing woman in each day’s [under-the-microscope] feeling beating down on me.

i can move coast-to-coast and network anywhere with anyone in a very short amount of time.

i can hum the tune to any song in the entire, expansive library of the world’s music without even hearing the song before.

i can make anyone laugh even when “laughing” is the last gerund that they want to be experiencing at the moment.

i can embrace the moment, plan my future, bake cookies to perfection, run for miles, write song lyrics, play the guitar, change a muffler, eat an entire pizza in one setting, rearrange my furniture in ten minutes, tie cherry stems into knots with my tongue, cross my eyes in ungodly ways, make my parents proud, cartwheel, choreograph dance routines, find words to rhyme with “orange” and surprise myself every single day but,



i cannot shake the thought of you and i cannot believe that.






say it to my face, dude. (enter your comment below, i love all forms of feedback)

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