it has been a minute or two since i last spoke words via blogness. let’s play some {ketchup} here….

my financial life: let’s get the uninteresting one out of the way, once again. before i even start this section though, you must understand that i told my mother to no longer transfer my money from my bank unless it was for rent or dire emergencies (such as hospital visits). so, listen to how much money i didn’t have two weeks ago; i had to sell a pair of eight-dollar headphones just so my puppy and i could eat dinner that night (even sacrificed my critical need for tampons). with the $8.27 that i got back from the return, i bought shredded cheese and tortillas (for me) and one of the cheapest, most unnatural cans of dog food that was on the shelf (for the pup) and the total was five-something and you have to know that i saved that last three-dollars like my next meal depended on it…..oh wait… did. i sold a bottle of my alcohol the next day (profit: $18) and went directly to the grocery store to strategically shop for the upcoming yet, unknown, number of days until my next increment of income that i could get my hands on. to my pleasant surprise, payday was the following day. after a stressful episode of miscommunication with my bank and not having the check clear until the following day, i quickly decided that this was no way to live and that i need to get my finances in order. i have had one, single, small, iced-coffee from dunkin in the last two weeks, i have not ordered chinese food, pizza or any other meal in two weeks, i have eaten many, many meals at work which include protein shakes and quest bars, i haven’t even considered a new outfit from the mall or some online shopping medium in quite some time and i have taken on a babysitting job that starts at 5-6 in the morning to make some extra cash (all of which is being put into my separate bank account for which i do not have a card for easy spending-access). i’m trying to make sense of my dollars and cents ;]

my current-place-of-stay life: my place is more than swanky. thank you, mother, for your brilliant decorative talents and feng shui visions. my huge apartment doesn’t feel like a crack-house anymore. i have a roommate moving in here this week. i met him at work and he loves my puppy, so, i’m very excited to have him. i truly believe that this is a smart decision financially as my monthly rent will now be cut in half. i also believe that this is a smart decision emotionally. as much as i love my current four-legged roomie, a human-being who can actually respond to my questions and concerns will be pretty sweet.

my work life: gold’s gym, love it. and the new babysitting shindig. i keep pretty busy but the paychecks will be sweeeeeeet.

my social life: i have many acquaintances here in wilmington and obviously having my best friend of 17 years a stones-throw away is wicked nice. i don’t hang out with her much, but there is a girl who i met the first time that i visited this place and she’s always been quite an inspiration to me (i know that you will read this eventually lady, so listen up…) she is the most practical person to talk to and i don’t hesitate to tell her anything because she’s super blunt with her responses and i really value that. it’s weird that we haven’t gotten closer because every single time we talk (even if it’s for a measly three minutes), we find some commonplace amongst our beliefs and thoughts and aspirations. blows my mind. my neighbors, who i have mentioned before, are fun to be around and i enjoy their briefly-incremented slots of company.

my love life: i dig a certain someone.

my up-and-coming life: i’m really trying to slow down and  take it day-to-day and not try to super-plan for the super-future like i always do. lol jk, i have huge plans but my lips are more sealed than seal sealington until i have some solidity to show for it.

sooo, i’m going to continue livin’ this life,

bye for now.


this photo was taken {exactly} one year ago. i was in morgantown, west virginia attending west virginia university and my sisteren and motheren came to visit me. weird how much things (and myself) have changed in just 365 days.


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