the little things

i like dinner foods for breakfast. i like “black ice” air fresheners for my car. i like air-popped popcorn at any time of the day. i like candles lit in my room. i like the idea of taking a bath. i like showers more. i like underrated music. i like over-hyped hip hop songs. i like my apartment at sixty-nine degrees. i like black, white, brown….and blue, but only very specific types of blue. i like to longboard when i’m feeling tied-down. i like to move around the country. i like new homes. i like new rooms. i like making lists and checking things off. i like fuzzy socks. i like that first sip of coffee in the morning. i like reminiscing. i like anything that has to do with boston. i like quotes that feel like they were quoted for me and only me. i like writing. i like when boys notice me. i like when i parallel park like a badass. i like people. i like being alone. i like red wine. i like my passport photo. i like to tell boys that i think they are attractive to their faces when i’m completely sober. i like very bland tasting things like cauliflower, plain tortilla chips and brown rice. i like phone calls. i like getting letters in the mail. i like letting my phone die. i like my hair after a day at the beach. i like when my mom tells me that she’s proud of me. i like sunday football. i like monday night football even more. i like the friends that i have. i like the way my car feels with a new tank of gas. i like grocery shopping. i like playing the same song on repeat until i never want to hear it again. i like my middle name. i like twirling my hair. i like when people have their “read” receipts on for imessage. i like the smell of banana boat tanning oil. i like randomly hearing from people. i like flavored coffee creamers. i like printed photos. i like national public radio. i like making my best friend laugh really hard.


i like the little things.


they make the bad things seem little, too.


he won’t be little for much longer, but he makes me smile every day.




say it to my face, dude. (enter your comment below, i love all forms of feedback)

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