do you see what i see?

what 7:04 am looks like…

IMG_9631i woke up to the familiar sound of my quickly-growing pup begging me to let me out of his crate. i don’t know why my blinds look so disheveled. i don’t know why i decided to snap this photo but, i’m glad i did. it sparked the idea of an hour-by-hour update of today. so, here we go…

what 8:04 am looks like…

IMG_9634i think my dude has finally begun to enjoy these morning walks/runs/longboard-ings. God forbid that i even try to get a leash on him, but when i give him the freedom, he seems to be fairly obedient.  

what 9:27 am looks like…

IMG_9656we just returned from our morning walk/run/longboarding. i just fed my dude and then stood back to look at my kitchen. i am very disappointed for letting myself live like this for so long. i mean, look, there is unfinished popcorn from yesterday that i failed to throw away, a bra that i put on a take off at my free-will just sitting out in the open and empty dunkin’ cups that i felt that i simply couldn’t take two steps to throw away in the garbage can… i shall clean right away.

what 10:28 am looks like…

IMG_9660my boss begged me to take her class this morning. it’s called “body combat.” while this class is a mix of cardio, kickboxing and martial arts that normally lasts 45-minutes, today’s class was 90-minutes. i hesitated, but ultimately decided that i’m sick of missing out on events due to the fact that i’ve seemed to misplace my confidence lately. so, even though she’s the boss of my job, i let her be the boss of my workout today. she did and incredible job and absolutely kicked my ass. 

what 12:04 pm looks like…


drenched and leaving drops of sweat on the path that i walk, i am leaving gold’s gym. this place has become quite a safe-haven for me. i spend a lot of time here between working out and working the front counter while making minimum-wage (plus tips for making smoothies). i’ve befriended co-workers and members, familiarized myself with the instructors and higher-ups, learned remarkable workout strategies, met body-builders and various competition winners and found a place that i can blow off some serious steam.

what 1:13 pm looks like…


i’ve decided to take my health back into my own hands. yesterday was an awful valley in my up-and-down cycle of horrible eating habits. usually, after days like yesterday, i completely starve myself for the entire day and punish myself for eating so poorly. i woke up today and realized that i had already “punished” myself by canceling fun plans and locking myself away in my apartment last night. so, with my realist point of view, i told myself, “yeah, karli, you fucked up. make today better. make yourself better.” i’m done with the peaks and valleys. i’m done with the ups and downs. and as you can see, my dude absolutely approves of my lunch choice.

what 2:38 pm looks like…

 photo 1

i’m sitting on the floor of my best friends’ apartment. i am listening to her and her roommate (another friend of mine) rehash last night and laugh about the adventures that took place. i absolutely should have been there. i should have put on a dress and some heels and had a good time. i’ll be there beside you next time, ladies. you can bet your beautiful asses on that one. 

what 3:30 pm looks like…

 photo 2

i anxiously await in line at the local starbucks. first i will order a grande iced coffee with caramel and creamer (for my best friend who is sitting outside with my dude). for me, as always, an iced americano with classic sweetener and half-and-half. duh. this is, however, the last caffeine intake of the day, i promise. 

what 4:34 pm looks like…

photo 3

i’m at my neighbors apartment that is right across from mine and i like coming here. (my dude does too) so, needless to say, we come here a lot. there are three guys that coexist in this unit, but today, just one of them is home. i’m comfortable here. they have all seen me without makeup, unbrushed hair, food in my mouth, et cetera, et cetera. although, i know that they did not like me at first, i think they have finally accepted me. the balcony is my favorite territory of this three-bedroom unit. there is always someone on this balcony. always having a good time. never fails. great guys.

what 5:48 pm looks like…

photo 1

made a trip to “the tit.” that’s what i call the grocery store here. i have picked up the items shown in my cart. before getting everything on my short list, i had to ask some culinary-esque looking man what the hell a “shallot” was. (i had a general idea but honestly i had no idea). instead of scanning the produce section for the “shallot” itself,  i scanned for a kitchen-wise-looking- human-being. my profiling proved to be rather successful as this gent knew exactly what and where a “shallot” was. 

what 6:40 pm looks like…

photo 2

okay, in all fairness, 6:40 pm rarely looks like this. i got lucky. but how vibrant and beautiful? 

what 7:50 pm looks like…


i’m about to inhale this exquisite dinner that i created from scratch. arugula, walnuts, roasted squash and a homemade dressing. my. mouth. is. boutta. be. happy. i semi-stole the idea/recipe from a friend’s mother (her mother should make millions billions from her talent in the kitchen. i mean, wow, everything she made is perfection and made me question if i had already died and went to heaven). i just took my first three bites and my version is stellar. although not remotely comparable to my friend’s mother’s prototype, my attempt is hitting the damn spot. 

what 8:27 pm looks like…

Screen shot 2014-09-01 at 8.09.57 PM

skyping with one of my best people. 

what 10:22 pm looks like…

photo 3

i’m back across the way at my neighbors place. he’s drawing his tattoo idea out for me. even though he’s told me four times, i’ve forgotten, yet again. his roommates returned and it was fun seeing them. like previously stated, they are great guys. i’ve been here for about an hour and i could stay all night but i really must go home, do homework and plan for tomorrow.

what 11:15 pm looks like…

photo 2

the day is coming to an end. i’ve got my best pajamas on (i’m not a cat person, at all. but this shirt offers indescribable comfort and floods me with memories of my friends in texas). i won’t be doing my homework, nor will i be planning for tomorrow. i’m just going to cozy up in my queen bed and cuddle with some netflix until my eyelids outweigh my energy.

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