a lesson in mathematics

“we live in a world full of people who don’t understand logic and reasoning.”

my community-college professor was referring to the mathematical studies of logic and reasoning but his words struck a different chord for me.

we do, in fact, live in a world full of people who do not understand logic and reasoning but the numbers do not pertain.

people aren’t logical. and people definitely do not reason.

logic synonyms; philosophy, rationale, sanity, sense, 

it’s not logical for friends to stab friends in the back. it’s illogical for lies to be told. it’s illogical for boys to choose to make you feel small and weak. it’s illogical to bite the hand that feeds you or to crave the chase or to dwell on the past or to fear the future. it’s illogical to judge when you too have a soiled slate. it’s illogical to hate. it’s illogical to do many of the things that we, as humans, do.

reason synonyms; argumentation, comprehension, deduction, understanding, wisdom 

there is no reason as to why we do these things. we don’t reason. we don’t think about the consequences before making illogical decisions. we don’t look deeply enough into the outcome before we do what is instantaneously satisfying to ourselves. we don’t take into consideration the hurt that will have a ripple-effect. whether a boisterous declaration or a hushed whisper, we don’t think our words can destroy. whether an irrational, physical punch or a slam to someones character, we don’t have any reason to justify it (even if you did not swing first).

when someone hurts me the way you did, i never understand why. i never see the rationale behind it, ever. i never grasp the sanity and sense. what an awful philosophy for you or anyone to be okay with; drop people like they mean absolutely nothing to you.

i tried to figure out what possible argumentation you experienced to come to such a standpoint. i laid in my plush bed that felt like nails that night and tried to comprehend how everything was just done. i understood nothing.

here’s the thing; it’s illogical for me to waste time on this matter. i can’t expend my energy into worrying about you anymore. you made it easy for me by giving me the reasoning behind my action of being absolutely okay again; in financial terminology, which you seem to know so much about, why would i invest into a bankrupt company? why would i spend dollars when it makes no sense?

i hope you never judge anyone the way you so quickly judged me. i hope you never become okay with cutting good things out of your life. you will end up very alone and sad and even though i’m hurt by you, i would never want you to feel abandoned. i also hope you’re doing really well and i hope all your business plans work out and you get married before you’re 35 and you thrive. it’s illogical for me to wish anything other than happiness for you.

i have no reason to hate you because you’re no longer a person in my life.

i have reasoned with myself and i have made a logical decision to continue to respect myself.

goodbye, illogical and unreasonable human-being.


pulvis et umbra sumus.



5 thoughts on “a lesson in mathematics

  1. Have you heard of game theory? It can be seen as a logical attempt to explain egoistic and backstabbing behaviour. In the most simplified way its essence could be described as “If everyone else is egoistic (or you suspect that they are) the logical way is to act egoistic yourself”. That is obviously simplified, but it is used to explain why we are stuck in suboptimal patterns, when there are clearly better options that could be acheived through cooperation.

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