once again, i’m all packed up. i have two suitcases and a carry-on bag for the plane. the rest of my entire life is packed up into my car (my bike, my buddha heads, my framed photo of the hindu hamsa, my printer and my tempurpedic topper) ready to be loaded onto the vehicle transporter tomorrow to be delivered to my next home.

it’s funny to me how much i have downsized. i used to have shit bursting out of my closet and drawers. shoes peeked out from under my disheveled bed. my bed was always covered in unfolded laundry awaiting any available space in the already stuffed closet. my laundry basket was always overflowing with once-worn articles of clothing. my shelves were lined with books and journals and photos and candles and trophies and other things i felt deserved a display. 20 or more bottles of perfume dwindled down to three of my favorites, all of which are now travel size and airplane friendly. i never use to have just one bottle of shampoo or conditioner until recent times. my previous bedside table and drawers accompanied with a lamp and fan have become just lamp and fan which sit on the ground beside my little mattress pad that used to be a full twin bed. a full pantry and refrigerator transformed into just enough food for the next three days with little to no late-night-snacking options and i only shop in small increments. i used to have jewelry boxes for all my gems but now they sit in a plastic three-level drawer that i bought at wal-mart. my necklaces cascade down from clear push-pins that i found in the drawer of the previous tenant. my shoes sit on the ground and must be checked for any and all possible insect activity before i put them on. i just don’t have much anymore.

very little quantity. but i don’t mind it. in fact, i welcome it.

i like the idea that i can pack up my entire life in roughly 45 minutes and be on the go. to anywhere. at anytime.

no one should feel weighed down by their worldly possessions.

keep it simple.


one of my best people flew out and stayed here with me for four days. the first photo is of the first time we hung out ever which was at our senior prom. the second photo is from a couple days ago. i love her very much and i cannot wait to see her again. thank you for being a beautiful and fun soul.

IMG_3462         IMG_8933


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