soda and swine…

…was the name of the restaurant we went to last night. it was this pinterest-esque looking joint with a rather petite menu (which is awesome, because having too many choices at a new restaurant is annoyingly overwhelming). the main course was meatballs. for every one. (i was kind of like “yikes,” at first because i don’t partake in the red-or-pork-meat-eating formalities but then i scanned the menu a little more closely….) you chose your meat and then you could put whatever seasoning, cheese, other meats, et cetera, et cetera and they form your whimsical choices into balls of food. i went with chicken and pesto (damn good choice. simple, yet powerful. your culinary skills are cunning, karli. quite cunning. ) my little pesto-drenched chicken balls were ridiculously good. i wanted to inhale all three of them in three bites but i was out with a dude who was already dressed better than me for the evening so i had to maintain a classy dining composure.

after our dinner, i begged my “date” to take me to a cvs pharmacy. (quotes because i’m not sure that it was a date, i think we were just hangin’ out, i think we have awesome chemistry and he’s cooler than the average- average person but i also think i think too much..) (pharmacy because i wanted dark chocolate-covered acai for the movies and all pharmacies carry these jesus-pieces) (oh, yeah, we were seeing 22 jump street, as well.) on our way into the pharmacy, there was a homeless teen-young-adult-girl with her dog sitting outside the door and so i thought to myself, “when i get my change from this purchase, i’m going to slide it to her…” (it was two bucks, but anything helps, right?) anyways, my “date-or-maybe-not-date” handed her ten bucks after my measly two and i wanted to be mad but i couldn’t because it was an awesome thing for him to do. i don’t think he was trying to be douchey and showey-offey, like, “look @ me, guh, i threw down a jackson, playa, i’m made of the paper greens, wanna eat gold bars for dessert or just take uh yacht ride to fiji…” and he didn’t try to make it obvious when he handed the cash to her, i just happened to turn back around to smile at the girl. it was just cool. he’s cool.

so, anyways, the movie was worth the money (which is rare) and the conversation was as good as the food which is always a plus-plus.

until next time, sayonara.


soda and swine


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