what i spent my last ten dollars on…

if you know me on a personal level, you are probably aware of my financial instability. i’m a total rockstar at earning money, but i love to spend it all. most of the time, it’s spent on coffee or my friends. honest. regardless, i always spend it all.

as of yesterday morning, my bank account read a super $0.00 with some overdraft fee’s that will come out of my paycheck. long story semi-short, my friend and i intended on going into los angeles yesterday (beverly hills and santa monica pier, to be exact) but, instead, we met up with one of his friends who attends the university of southern california (trojan land) and ended up at a huge park, in my friends-friend’s pair of men’s size-ten shoes (because i dressed for the streets of beverly hills… i was wearing wedges…which do not give proper stability while experiencing this next part—>) on a hike up a very steep “path” (wasn’t a path at all), up to a very impressive observatory and overlook of everything. when we arrived at the top, i was sweating like a dirty sock (ew, i genuinely hate that i used that simile). we took some photos, i posted a snapstory on snapchat, we walked around the top and talked for a while and i looked down at my mis-shoed feet and noticed a bangin’ ten buckaroo lying on the ground. i turned to the nearest folk and asked them if they had dropped it and slid in the “don’t worry, i’ll take care of it if it’s not yours” phrase. it wasn’t theirs. so, basically, i was paid ten bucks to hike a hell…. i mean hill.

what that alexander hamilton was born into my life for…..

a plunger: because i clogged my toilet that can barely flush it’s own water, so add a lil’ urine and some teepee, subtract a common household necessity, i.e. a plunger and this equals and annoying-stupid-time-consuming mess……… $1.29

a bag of chips and a tub of guacamole: this was my dinner last night (although, it frequently is my dinner) however, the guac was absolutely horrible… chips were nice though…… $5.58

an americano with classic sweetener:…..go figure…… $2.55

aaaaaand i’m left with a nice 58 cents. that’s a lot of money to have in one’s pocket at one time. i need to take precautionary measures to decrease the chance of being mugged.

another point of interest for ya, i’m flat out of money until my paycheck and i am absolutely not asking my mother to slide me some of next month’s budget because this girl needs to learn the value of a dollar.

well, i’m off to find dinner in a dumpster somewhere.


if this isn’t fashion, i’m not entirely sure what is.


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