work, work, work, work….

i love being at work more than any place in san diego thus far. that’s weird, right? i don’t care. today i worked from 10 in the sunrise to 6:30 of the sunset and it felt like a total of two hours. i’m smiling 95% of the time at work, i’m running around, talking to people, making heavenly,beautiful espresso and coffee-based beverages, serving pastries and cakes left and right, walking out with tip money and as gay as it sounds, a huge smile on my face. i just feel…… needed at work. ya know? i feel like it’s the once place here that i belong. i feel like i have a purpose and even though it’s just a part-time job, i feel like i’m making the world spin. i want everyone to have such a great time when they come to this coffeehouse. i want everyone to be comfortable and satisfied and full of desire to come back. and i want everyone to be like, “damn, that one girl was rockin’ it. she rocked” (in reference to moi, obviously). i never (knock on wood) dread going to work. and i cannot wait to get my green papers aka chedder aka bread aka dough aka money aka paycheck. i missed the payroll by a day, so there will be 30+ hours on this up-and-coming paycheck and you best believe i’ll be swimmin’ laps in my cash flow. (don’t worry mother dearest, i’ll be putting a wave of that cash-ocean into my secret savings, too.)

on a side note, i move out of this spacial-ly challenged heat-box in ten days and into a new crib. very pumped up for this one as it is 6 miles from work, (as opposed to 30 miles) cool (by means of air conditioning and hip-ness) and private (damn str8, my own room, my own breathing air).

my post is being cut short today. i’m on my period, my body hurts, i have chocolate-covered cranberries and endless episodes of “house” calling my name. (well, not “calling” per say. those darkly-draped red raisins and that hot-ass-of-a-doctor simply whispered my name once and that’s really all it took.)

good morrow.

look at what my awesome, thoughtful, kind-hearted best friend sent me. you are an angel sent from God above and your cali-care package brought me to tears. (yeah, i was super-emotional because of mother nature’s red-uterus-tears, but it really was touching.) small disclaimer, those chocolate-covered sacks of love were devoured on the first day… i’m currently working on a different bag of blanketed beauties.




8 thoughts on “work, work, work, work….

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