a really really righteous day

that’s how i would describe today. it started off with some roughly-rough patches but once those bitches evened out, it was smooth sailing. there were five reasons as to why i use the title, “a really really righteous day….”

won: two days ago, i bought a cute lil’ hipster-hip pair of short wedges (hard to explain, unless you’re a hipster, in which case, you probably know exactly what wedges i’m referring to.) well, i took six and half steps in them and the strap busted along with my heart strings. today, i ran all over town (san diego…literally, to the border and back) to 6 different forever 21 stores to find and exchange my pair of summer love-pumps. woe is me. the very last store had them. and i almost almost almost almost started at that forever 21 first. it doesn’t matter. i found the shoes, replaced them and wore them like i’ve owned them my entire life.

two-da-loo: i printed six copies of my resumes on some rather fancy-schmancy card-stock and they turned out brilliant. my terminology was to the utmost professional status quo. for instance, “filing paperwork” turned into “managing member credentials,” and “answering phones” transformed into “diligently responded to all questions and concerns of customers.” man, i’m good.

three’s company: i only used one copy of my resume because i was hired on the freakin-wonderful-coffee-shop-on-the-freakin-beach-with-attractive-coworkers-and-a-russian-boss-spot. literally, walked in that swanky little shop with sheer confidence and my dashing new wedges. (okay, also my resume) and got the job. i start training tomorrow and get this, $9 an hour. yeah, texas friends, how’s that $7.25 coming along, huh?

four..rhymes..with…s’more..? (running out of cool number-puns): i joined a gym, so, i guess i’ll try to work on my fitness and be all nutty-crunchy-healthy while i’m at it too. i need that structure so, booyah, i’m doin it. (french fries still exist…like….that’s not a question…)

high-five: met up with a bloke from tinder and he was cooler than cool. (“cooler than cool” is a term that i’ve coined to describe someone/something who/that deserves the coolest things said about him/her/it.) now, first things first, i never applauded people who met up with people on the tinder sphere, as it is often used for certain reasons that shall go unlisted, so, i took special caution as i proceeded. my bio clearly states… “i love coffee, the patriots and law and order: svu. just moved to cali-land so i need new friends” also, one of my first messages sent to these people when matched up with me is, “if you’re looking for a super-quickie, i’m not your girl. and that’s that. only one loser-manwich responded with an, “lol, that’s what tinder is for.” but, post-that, i had zero interest in that shallow-weight-lifter and moved onwards with many positive interactions excited to “show me around san diego.” anyways, “interaction” numero three is a solid winner in my book. i spent 5+ hours with this scooby-dude and he more than rocked. so, yeah, i found myself a friend here in sandy aygo.

today made me feel comfortable. today made me feel like everything can be better than okay. today really was a really really righteous day.

this dude is just livin’ life stackin’ rocks. does he do this for a living? were his ancestors responsible for stonehenge? honestly, we’ll never know.



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