they think 85 is really hot

first day/night in cali with no one familiar was a decent success. my mother left for her texas home at 11:30 yesterday morning and there I was, in cali, as a super-loner. the weather was 85 degrees and beautiful, i was all moved in and i had the wifi passwords loaded and saved onto my computer and phone. decent success in my book.

one of my new roommates really took me in, which was comforting. she suggested, well, insisted that we go to the beach. she invited three of her good friends to the beach and we ran around town picking them up (which was honestly my favorite part. driving, windows down, awesome music, bliss) and then we got frozen yogurt at their favorite place, went to a quaint beach for about three hours, got to know each other, became famished, sought out a “smashburger” (mmm, nothing i love more than a greasy hamburger, hopefully wrapped in bacon…….) God above loves me because it was “closed for maintenance,” walked down a little further to some bibbidy-boop sushi joint, ordered some food and adult beverages.

overall, like previously stated, yesterday/night was a decent success and the fact that the natives of southern cali-land think 85 degrees is “crazy hot,” makes me laugh because it’s a dry, comforting heat unlike texas-land heat of that humid, suffocating, satan’s breath of 96 degrees. i can deal with this “crazy heat.”


3 thoughts on “they think 85 is really hot

  1. Your blog reminds me of a blog I read!
    Love your blog though, sooo super jealous that you’re living in Cali. Consider me uuuuuber jealous.
    I’ve been reading your stuff for so long.

    • as i read over that blog, i was like, “holy shiiiiiit, this girl says a lot of the things that i say…. i must figure out who this is….” after paragraphs of familiar phrases and freshman year events, i came to figure out that it is someone that i actually knew really well from school. when she mentions her “best friend,” she’s actually referring to me, however she failed to mention how poorly that friendship ended.

      and if this is you, friend from school, i didn’t know that you kept a blog and i didn’t know i was your best friend because you didn’t make the time to say a simple “goodbye” to me on that last day in morgantown, west virginia. and i just want you to know how shitty my entire drive home was with the uncertainty of ever seeing you again weighing me down. i don’t care how “busy” or “crazy” or “shitty” that day was, you make time for the people you love, and i’m positive that “best friends” fall into that category. so, unless the definition has changed, don’t kid yourself, we were not “best friends.”

      i sincerely hope you are doing better than good. i sincerely hope life treats you well. you really are a beautiful person.

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