i saw him from across the room

……well, across the counter, per say. here’s the deal. my two friends and i went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant, hubbell and hudson, and while paying, i noticed that the cashier/barista was quite easy on the eyes. well, i’ve seen him working before, because i’m at hubbell and hudson at least three times a week. however, i was feeling confident so i slipped him a tip. (in my head this was a subtle way of saying “wow, yes, attractive, hello.”) i even paid with my debit card at the chance that he would grasp my sly hint and search for my name. (you say lame, i say brilliant.) my friends and i went to eat and live life, however, we kept our eye on barista boy (as i definitely told them about my two dollar tip and use of the debit card for the sexy cappuccino cutie). for some reason, i felt compelled to take my feeble flirting to the next level with a good ole’ phone-number-on-napkin plan. so, i wrote my number on a napkin and on the way out, i found him at the counter once again, handed him my folded napkin and slid out the door with my friends. the night went on. however, espresso-hercules was not makin’ moves and i don’t have an ounce of patience in my body, so, at roughly 9:30 pm, my friends and i found ourselves back at the restaurant and more specifically, back at the cash register. barista babe was not in sight. unhappy with the results, i approached his coffee colleague and said “i will have a 12 oz cappuccino and where is the other dude who was working earlier? i slipped him a note on a napkin and am wondering what’s taking him so long…?” his bearded co-worker’s eyes widened with a “that was you?!?! oh man, you just missed him by thirty minutes,” and although i was bummin’ at the slight chance of this mission being a complete failure, i asked a few basic questions about the macchiato man (borderline stalker behavior, in retrospect but honestly, i’m not above it.) anyways, the co-worker handed me my cappuccino, gave me the name and age of the napkin-gent and told me that he would have him text me even though he “was waiting at least two days before he texted me…” (my, my, so high school of you, latte loverboy.) i did, however, receive a text the moment that i stepped back into my car with my friends and i don’t mind admitting that we screamed like little girls and danced around a little bit. (it’s a really cool feeling for someone to just accept your random-bold-semi-nervewracking moves and actually play back) and by the way, he let me know that he found out my name by looking at my receipt, my god, i’m brilliant. and we almost hung out, it was almost a perfect string of events, it was almost the perfect conquest but sometimes, you just accept defeat and move on. although, i don’t consider it a complete failure. he’s got my digits and i’m sure we will become friends on facebook, and i’m sure we will follow each other on twitter and, voilà, a new friendship is born. so, if you’re reading this you freakin’ fox, nice job catching my eye and thanks for creating quite the blog post.


speaking of foxes, i thank my two sexy friends for making my last night in the big tx one to remember. i love you both dearly and you’ve made it extremely difficult to leave this place with dry eyes.


say it to my face, dude. (enter your comment below, i love all forms of feedback)

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