here i am

welcome to my dot com. i paid actual dollars to own “” so i’m feelin some type uh way. i’m also feelin some type uh way because i’m moving out to karlifornia (clever right? check that spelling…. get it? karli-fornia….) in a mere two days. on another note, i will blog more frequently because a) everything will be new and exciting and blog-worthy and b) my closest friend and confidant will be this here laptop of mine. speaking of friends, i need to get some words off of my chest that are making me feel some type uh way. (gotta stop saying that)

1. i’ll miss the starbucks dates and deep conversations. you know who you are because of the deep conversations. i just wanted you to know that you are a huge reason as to why i have considered staying in texas and you managed to do that to me in two weeks. you’re beautiful, hilarious, witty and brilliant. baylor has no idea what’s coming for them.

2. when you drove me home in your maroon truck, you let your guard down and it made me feel like we had been friends for 100 years. you normally keep to yourself and have very little to say but you apologized to me and admitted to me and let yourself be completely open and i want you to know how cool that was to feel trusted by you. and you have also made me consider staying here in texas and again, that’s so cool.

3. dude, i know you’re going to read this because you’ve asked me to blog something for the past week. and i almost didn’t want to tell you any of this because i didn’t want to inflate your agreeably sized ego, but you’re awesome. just absolutely, totally awesome. i have been able to see both sides of you. the side that is such a dude and wants mindless-girls and wants beverages and takes the dumbest bro-tank-beer-in-hand-snap-chat selfies to send to bimbos but i also see the side of you that cares and hurts and desires and craves really deep relationships and i think that both sides rock, i really do. you are one of the most decent guys that i’ve ever met and it’s weird to say that i dig you so much. when you called me at midnight thirty to tell me about your awesome date with your dream girl, i was smiling the entire time. because that’s how much i dig you. when you text me because you were freaking about how she didn’t text you for a while and that she “didn’t even open the text,” i was bummed for you. because that’s how much i dig you. i’m so relaxed, and unashamed and comfortable with you and that’s something worth mentioning. thanks for giving me a chance in eco class of our senior year. thanks for realizing that i was deep in thought while “i miss you” by blink-182 was playing in your truck. thanks for being a wonderful friend. you should not change a single thing about yourself. ever.

aside from sappy love-notes to my friends, i have some other good stuff coming to this new blog that has burned a $130 hole in my pocket. (yes, that’s how much a dot com and freedom to choose colors costs)  i love blogging and i love that so many people have taken time to read what i have to say. you’re all beautifully and wonderfully made.




say it to my face, dude. (enter your comment below, i love all forms of feedback)

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